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Our investing philosophy is rooted in the pursuit of excellence, both in business potential and Islamic virtue

Investment Approach

We go beyond mere Shariah compliance; we delve into the realm of ‘Tayyib’ – the inherently good and wholesome. Our focus is on companies that are not only financially robust but also champions of ethical and environmentally sustainable practices. 

We believe in recommending businesses that show great promise for the future, entities that lead with innovation, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to societal betterment. Our approach intertwines the principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria with our rich Islamic ethics, ensuring that every recommendation we make is good in our faith and for our future.

By choosing Halal Stock Advisor, you will receive stock picks that are beacons of excellence, embodying the spirit of ‘Tayyib’ in their operations and outlook. This approach not only ensures Shariah compliance but also elevates your investment portfolio to reflect a balance of worldly success and spiritual fulfillment.

Join us at Halal Stock Advisor, where your financial journey aligns with your deepest values, paving the way for a prosperous, ethical, and spiritually rewarding investment experience.


How are the returns calculated?

The returns are calculated based on the stock price at the time of recommendation. The cumulative returns of all recommendations are benchmarked against S&P500.

There is no fixed number. We will recommend as many as possible or as few as available every month. The goal is the pursuit of excellence – in both business potential and Islamic virtue, In sha Allah.

If you are absolutely new to stock market investing, you must learn the fundamentals of investing and portfolio management first. Please watch our free webinar to get started. None of this is individual financial advice. 

This depends on your risk appetite, personal situation, amount of wealth you own, and other factors like your investing goals. It is important to know this to invest properly. At the very least, you may invest money that you don’t mind losing (considering it high risk investments). This is for educational purposes and not financial advice.


A High-Growth Opportunity in the Footwear Sector

Discover a top footwear company’s robust growth potential and strategic global expansion. With record sales, innovative products, and a strong balance sheet, this halal investment stands out in the dynamic footwear industry.

This Halal Stock in Biopharma may go up 46%

This biopharmaceutical company represents a compelling investment opportunity. The blend of innovative drug development, strategic market expansions, and solid financial health underscores its potential as a standout performer in the bustling healthcare sector. The business itself is halal and brings societal benefit. It has little to no impure income making it an excellent choice for the Halal Stock Advisor.

This Halal Stock in Healthcare Innovation May Go Up 30%

Explore the depths of an undervalued gem in the healthcare technology sector, poised for substantial growth amidst evolving market dynamics. With a unique blend of innovation, strategic market positioning, and a commitment to sustainable practices, this investment opportunity shines bright in a landscape ripe for disruption.

This Halal Stock May Go Up 88%

Discover the untapped potential of a leading fintech giant, poised for a remarkable turnaround. Amid short-term hurdles, strategic overhauls signal a promising future, underpinned by solid fundamentals and a commitment to innovation. Dive into why this undervalued halal stock is ripe for investment.

This Growing Software Company is a Good Halal Stock to Buy

This analysis delves into the financial and strategic aspects of a prominent player in the government operational software market, offering insights for potential investors, including an assessment of its compliance with Shariah principles.

One of the best halal stocks to buy in 2024

In an era of technological advancement, a key player in the semiconductor industry emerges as a promising investment opportunity. Currently undervalued with a positive outlook, this company combines financial health, technological leadership, and ethical operations, positioning it for significant growth.