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In-depth stocks screening and advisory is provided by AAOIFI Certified Shariah Advisor and Auditor. We screen based on 5 major Shariah standards. Industry leaders trust us with Shariah compliance screening.


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Our investing philosophy is rooted in the pursuit of excellence, both in business potential and Islamic virtue

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Manage your portfolio, track its performance, compliance, purification and Zakat. Connect with your brokerage or bulk upload and integrate with our data in no time!

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Get Zakat & Purification

Easily calculate the Zakat due per share for long-term investments. We use AAOIFI's method to ascertain a company's Zakatable assets. Also, see the purification amount for dividends.


Ask AAOIFI Certified Shariah Advisor

Discuss and get clarifications directly from an AAOIFI Certified Shariah Advisor and Auditor. We also have a solid community of savvy likeminded investors.

Advanced filter

Find your next best halal investment faster

Filter Compliant stocks by country, industry, level of debt, revenue growth, analysts’ rating, P/E, market cap, and more!

See all compliant stocks and their Shariah-compliant rating at once according to your criteria. Find alternatives and good halal stocks to buy. Make faster and better investment decisions.  Advanced Filter available for PRO members. 

Halal ETF Screener

Check which ETFs are Shariah Compliant

Screen ETFs for Shariah compliance with PRO membership at only $5/mo. Search for popular ETFs like QQQ and check which of their holdings are halal stocks.

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