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Frequently asked questions

We provide you with results from three major standards: AAOIFI, FTSE, and DJIM. These are globally respected standards. Screening with multiple criteria gives you better results as each standard has its own pros and cons. This also helps us provide you with a ranking system on how compliant a stock is. 

Some of our results may be different from other stock screeners either because of the difference in the standards adopted or one of us may be mistaken. It is important to know the reason why a stock is not compliant . We try our best to provide you with the reason and we may have an advantage because we check against three standards.  

We get data from among the best available sources and our model is built with a number of checks and balances to overcome the limitations of automated screening implemented by other rating agencies. Our updated screener is based on guidance from an expert Shariah advisor who has over 15 years of experience at Islamic banks and financial institutions along with reputed and traditional Islamic learning. Read more here

Once in a quarter at least, if not more. For the most part, FTSE and DJIM standards are not very volatile as FTSE uses assets while DJIM uses a 24-month average of Market cap. 

Yes, In sha Allah, we will continue to add more exchanges to our universe. Let us know if you would like to recommend a country to be included earlier than others.

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"I’m so glad for finding this page and thanks to everyone involved in this screener and shariah assessment."
"The members of the Sisters Trading Community in Canada are very excited to use the screener. We love the detailed information and the layout and interface also look great alhd."
"Masha Allah!, what a wonderful effort ! Everyone really needed a site like this. Thank you to all the brothers involved in the project."
"It is really a very good initiative, in sha Allah might be a helpful tool for many Muslims across the globe. May Allah SWT guide and bless you for all the hard work."