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Search thousands of global stocks for Shariah compliance based on major standards followed by AAOIFI, S&P, FTSE, DJIM and MSCI.

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Our halal stock screener is based on quality screening methods developed with continuous research and guidance from expert Shariah advisors.

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Filter halal stocks by country, industry, rating, debt, impure income, interest, and more!

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Get your questions answered or contact us to help you out with Shariah compliance for your portfolios.

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Filter Compliant stocks by country, industry, level of debt, revenue growth, analysts’ rating, market cap, and more! See all compliant stocks and their Shariah-compliant rating at once according to your criteria. Find alternatives and good halal stocks to buy. Make faster and better investment decisions.  Advanced Filter available for PRO members. 


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Use our superfast search to get results in less than 1 millisecond on average. Use our premium experience as you search for shariah compliant investments.  

Halal ETF Screener

Screen ETFs for Shariah compliance with PRO membership at only $3/mo. Search for popular ETFs like QQQ and check which of their holdings are halal stocks.


Track Compliance

Use our Watchlist to track stocks in your portfolio and monitor any changes in Shariah compliance. Easily add and remove stocks from your Watchlist. Available for all users.  

What Our users say

"I’m so glad for finding this page and thanks to everyone involved in this screener and shariah assessment."
"The members of the Sisters Trading Community in Canada are very excited to use the screener. We love the detailed information and the layout and interface also look great alhd."
"Masha Allah!, what a wonderful effort ! Everyone really needed a site like this. Thank you to all the brothers involved in the project."
"It is really a very good initiative, in sha Allah might be a helpful tool for many Muslims across the globe. May Allah SWT guide and bless you for all the hard work."


Muslim Xchange was founded by Faraz Omar. He has an MBA in Finance and many years of diverse work experience in finance, journalism, web development, and animation. He has also studied Islamic sciences under competent scholars.