Halal Stock Screener is just the start

Muslim Xchange is a beginning In sha Allah to a platform that connects us and our commerce through our Islamic values. We are happy to have launched a Shariah stock screener, alhamdulillah, which currently screens over 14,000 US, UK, Canada, Germany and India stocks. Please check our article on the Shariah screening methodology we adopted in this regard. We will be adding more markets one by one and getting on board Shariah advisors In sha Allah. We seek Allah’s help and facilitation. Reach out to us at support at muslimxchange dot com


Faraz Omar

Faraz has an MBA in Finance and learned Islam for many years under competent scholars and teachers. He has studied an Islamic finance course under Dr. Sami Al-Suwailem. He is also founder of Muslim Ink and an investor in the stock market.