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Company Profile

Passat SA is a France-based holding company engaged in the video-assisted promotion and remote sale of various categories of products. The Company operates through its direct and indirect subsidiaries, such as Passat USA, Passat Espagne SA, Passat Italie SRL, Wind of Trade and Chimney Sweeping Log. It offers a portfolio of products, comprising fitness, beauty, health and leisure products, kitchen utensils and accessories; patented do-it-yourself products, home comfort and maintenance products, gardening products, toys and household products, among others. It operates under the brands, Stone Guard, Facil Home, Spirit of Beauty, Sprayza, Actiforme, Pleinair Jardin, Puissance Verte, among others. The Company has promotional in-store videos and it also distributes its products via teleshopping channels and mail-order catalogs. It has operations in France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Canada and the United States.

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