Turkey’s Stocks Stunning Performance in 2022

The Borsa Istanbul 100 returned an amazing 200% in returns in 2022.

The Borsa Istanbul 100 index continues to break fresh record highs to trade above the 5600 level in January, as investors keep on using equities as a hedge against surging consumer prices and a plunging lira and Turkish residents sought assets to store their savings.

The Central Bank of Turkey paused the rate-cut cycle and left the one-week repo rate unchanged at 9% on December 22nd, following a 1000bps cut since September of 2021.

Meanwhile, inflation rate fell to a 9-month low of 64.3 percent in December 2022, from 84.4% in November.

The Borsa 100 index was up nearly 200% in 2022. On the corporate front, Turkish Airlines are among the top performers, up more than 580% over the last 12 months.

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Faraz Omar, CSAA, MBA
Faraz Omar, CSAA, MBA
Founder of Muslim Xchange. MBA in Finance and AAOIFI Certified Shariah Advisor & Auditor (CSAA). Passionate about what we as Muslims can and must do for each other and the world in general.
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