Why Muslims need to invest

One of the challenges of our modern economy is that the value of “money” keeps going down. What $100 would have bought you 10 years ago, will need $150 today.

Global currencies are riba-based and are called fiat money. Hence, the value will keep going down over time.

Non-Muslims earn interest and protect their savings. We cannot do that as this is haraam. Ribaa is an oppression and a major sin.

If Muslims save in cash, we will lose our money’s value.

This is why it is important for Muslims to invest.

In our next article, we will look at different investing options and what Muslims can opt for In sha Allah.

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Faraz Omar, CSAA

Faraz Omar, CSAA

Founder of Muslim Xchange. Passionate about what we as Muslims can and must do for each other and the world in general. MBA in Finance and several years of experience in finance, journalism, and multimedia. Also studied Islamic sciences under competent scholars.
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