The Muslim Investor Class

Learn to invest in the stock market in a professional and halal way


Taught by: Faraz Omar
Founder, Muslim Xchange
MBA, Finance

10-11 Sep


9am EST




4h per day



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Many Muslims want to invest in the stock markets in a professional and halal manner. However, most are not trained or educated in this field. We either end up staying away or investing in the wrong way. But investing in the stock markets can be financially rewarding if done properly.

In our modern world, the value of money keeps going down. Alhamdulillah, we do not take interest because Ribaa is a major sin. So, Muslims must invest to protect or grow their wealth.

The stock market can be a good option to invest. However, a lot of activity that goes on in the markets is akin to gambling and not permissible. This is why many people lose money as well. Alhamdulillah, Islam protects us in many ways.

If we learn how to invest properly, we too can make good profits over the long term, just like professional and institutional investors do, In sha Allah. 

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

Everyday Muslims looking to get started with investing in the stock market. If you have been investing based on hearsay without a proper or scientific approach, then you will benefit from this class as well. Muslims who do not have a finance background will appreciate an introduction to investing finance.   

About the instructor


I’m Faraz Omar, founder of Muslim Xchange. In the last 12 months, we helped over 100K  Muslim investors check stocks for shariah compliance. I have an MBA in Finance from a reputed university, which ranks #4 in Canada and #80 in the world. Alhamdulillah, I was blessed to learn from distinguished experts in this field.

Learning Path

Beginning with the ‘Why’ of investing, in this chapter I focus on setting the right foundations that will help us become good investors.

As Muslims, we must learn the Islamic laws of investing and trading before we get into it. We learn the halal and haram aspects of the stock markets, and how to screen companies for Shariah compliance. Beyond the fiqh, I also cover broader Islamic ethics and values that will beautifully shape our investing psychology and behavior.

Activity: Building a Shariah compliance report

Briefly, there are two camps when it comes to investing. One that follows technical analysis and the other that follows fundamental analysis. I explore both in principle and strongly recommend the approach I believe is the right way to go about in investing.

In this chapter, we learn how to pick good businesses for investment. You will understand competitive advantages of companies and different financial metrics that reveal a lot about a company’s performance. You will learn to read the most important parts of their financial reports and calculating the fair price of a company.

Activity: Analyze a company and calculate its Buy price

In this chapter, you will learn risk management and portfolio optimization. I will teach how to minimize risk and maximize expected returns on your portfolio.

Activity: Build a portfolio of stocks and optimize your portfolio


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“I have been in the halal investing scene for a few years now and I have taken courses and participated in discussions… the most useful topics for me were calculating the fair price and optimizing my portfolio, and I found Faraz’s method easy and most logical. I highly recommend the Muslim Investor workshop, especially if you are new to the world of investing.”

— Jaffer Maniar

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“I can use the valuable skills I learned in this course to take my investing to the next level. I am thankful for this great opportunity that teaches Muslims how to invest while keeping our Islamic and moral values in mind.”

— Rafay Usman

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Date: Saturday and Sunday, 10-11 September 2022

Time: 9am-1pm EST / 4-8pm Makkah time

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Learn how to do financial analysis, pick stocks, build a portfolio, and minimize risk and maximize expected returns — exactly the way professional money managers at investment banks and hedge funds do!

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